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September 1, 2019

“Father, as a prophetic act, just step in the center of the aisle and say I come into Your river. I come into Your river to receive life. I receive Your life today, Father. Your cooling, your refreshing. All of Your renewing life comes from Your throne. And Father, we humble to You, we humble to You to steward Your throne arriving here, Father God. Father God, we say we worship You this day. We exalt You this day, Father. Oh pour life into us Father, God. Your true life from Your throne, Father.”

“And I see gold coming from His throne into the waters, so receive what the gold means. I see gold lights, and God says just step into My light and let it purify. Let it purify. Let it burn away those hurts, those bad memories, let it purify. Let it take away the pain of the past. There’s bright blue and the deep healing color of purple. “A” is purple in the spirit realm and there’s deep healing of purple being released. Forgive anybody that comes to mind. Forgive them and release them. Release them to find the Father in a deeper way. Some of you just need to receive the rain from heaven. The purifying rain is what I see. Just purify. So Father God let it rain on us. The pure rain from heaven.”

“Some of you need to receive the revelation that’s being poured. Some of you just need to receive it. Accept it, move with the Father. Accept it. I don’t know what this means, but I’m telling somebody again to accept the revelation. God’s trying to tell you the real thing that happened that caused the situation. Accept the revelation and God’s going to set you free from the cycle.”

“We worship You, Lord Jesus. We praise You. We exalt You. You’re the first, You’re the last. You’re the beginning, You’re the end. You’re the miracle worker, You’re the provider. You’re the divine guidance. You are everlasting. You’re the heartbeat. You’re the heartbeat, Father. Lord Jesus, You are the heartbeat.

Ruth Ann McDonald

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