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October 10, 2021

“So I have been sitting on this and earlier I heard in the music a while back that there was a clarion call being issued to the armies of the Lord. And that clarion call was going out to the army where the bones need to come alive where the bones need to be regenerated with the fire of Holy Spirit. It was a clarion call for the Ecclesia to rise up and lay those grave clothes down. To rise up and to get into position. And then after a few moments in the music there was a seriousness. This is not time to play. This is war. This is not a friendly fire, it is time to war. And you better know the fire that you’re following after. This is not a friendly fire. This is a fire that causes you to engage in war. And when you engage in war you better know that you’re victorious and that you are not going to succumb to the enemy. You better know the battle plan because this is war. This is not friendly fire.”


“There’s an equipping in the sound of these drums. There is an equipping. We are actually being equipped. Let this sink deeply into your spirit. Let this beat, let this rhythm, this frequency go deep into your spirit because this is an equipping in the sound.”


“So I want to share what I’m sensing. I’m sensing that there are some in the church and they are looking around and they are looking around and they have forgotten where their fatigues are. They have forgotten where their army clothes are. They are looking, they are frantic because they have laid them down and they don’t know where they are. And I’m hearing the Lord say ask your neighbor, ask somebody for help. Ask them, help me find that armor. Help me find where I have laid down my army clothes. Ask them, because that’s where the unity of the Ecclesia comes in. We are here to help, we are here to undergird, we are here to war together and stand together. We cannot let our brothers and sisters be frantic and looking around for their army fatigues. That’s what the Ecclesia does. We are here to unify and we are here to help get those people in their fatigues in their ranking so we can go fight.”


“Now let God prepare you for what He’s got for you. Your part. Just let the fire of the Holy Spirit burn in you. Let it burn in every part of you. God said he needs three generations, three generations for what’s ahead. Three generations. He said if you think you’re too old, He says just hold out your hand and He said start letting me burn that attitude out of you. I need your wisdom, I need your strategy. I need you on the front lines. I need you in My commanders booth. If you think you’re too young He says I’ve got a place for you. He says I need you under the wisdom of the other generations, but I’ve got a place for you. Let me burn out your attitude. He said if you’re in the middle I need you marching with Me, I need you in step with Me and what I am doing in this earth. The Lord says we are battling for the wealth of the land. We’re battling for signs, wonders, and miracles. He says we are in war to let My power pour out in this nation and in this land. He said I can heal. He said I can heal. He says we are in a battle for my power to pour out in this land.”

Ruth Ann

“This is what I’m hearing. Left, left, left, left,. I’m seeing the Ecclesia as it is marching from one side of our nation to the other in sync. And in that syncness it is with the heart of Father God. Are you ready? Are you ready? We’re marching. Ultimately it is the march to Zion. Are you ready? Left, left, left, left, left, left. Do you feel the momentum? Left, left, left. There’s no time to waste, we're marching to Zion. Hold your banner high. Left, left, left.”


“Father, we just march with You. We do what we are supposed to do in this battle; we take our place, our position. The Lord is calling the Ecclesia today to march with Him. He says march with Me. He says join My army. Those that have pulled out of the army of God and is waiting to see what’s going to happen, waiting and hoping, God wants you to march with Him. He said it’s no longer a point of hoping. He says I will do it. Just go to war with Me. Just go to war with Me.”

Ruth Ann

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