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May 3, 2020

“This morning the Lord was showing me Janis releasing the sound of her flute over this virus on the reservation. This virus has a sound, a frequency that needs to be dismantled. The sound of the flute will dismantle the wailing that is prevailing in the land and will be a frequency that renews hope and healing.”


“I’m hearing the Lord say to press in. To press in, press in, press in to Me. Press into Me. What I saw was like a garment that was wrinkled and it was going through the press to get all of the wrinkles out. The Lord says as you press into Me, I’m going to get rid of all the wrinkles. I’m going to get rid of all the stuff. He says to press into Me just like the woman with the issue of blood who had infirmity and she pressed into the crowd and she said if I can just touch the hem of His garment, I know I’ll be healed. And as soon as she made that contact with Jesus, virtue went out of Him, out of His clothing and she was healed. And I’m hearing the Lord say to press in, to press in, to press in, to press in. I keep seeing a pressing. He’s pressing those things out of us to purify us and get all the wrinkles out and all the junk out and I keep seeing the woman, the woman with the issue of blood and she pressed into the crowd. She wasn’t concerned about what everybody else was saying and what everybody else was doing. And you know back then it had to be very difficult for her to press into a multitude of people to touch the hem of His garment. And I keep hearing the Lord press in, press in and touch the hem of Me and I will heal you. Virtue will go out Me and you will be healed, you will be delivered, you will be set free but not only that, it will propel you to the next level of your destiny. In Jesus’ name. So press in.”


Prophetic Song

“Press in, oh Lord we press in, we press in, press into you. We connect with you this day today, with Your sound. Oh, sound, we connect with Your sound. We raise a hallelujah. We raise, we press in. Press in for more of you. We raise, oh we raise.”

“And I also hear that as you press into Me, not only will you receive your healing, but you will receive the healing and the restoration, the retribution for your finances. He says, you will have your finances. Do you not know that I have supplied all of your needs? Do you believe My word? I have supplied all of your needs according to My riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Everything you have, every resource, everything you have is in the land. But it’s not only in the land, it’s in the atmosphere, c’mon. He says c’mon it’s in the atmosphere for I am the Creator and I can create those things which you need so don’t just look at your circumstances, don’t just look at what your wallet says and your balance says but as you press into Me, you’re gonna press into the key that opens to door to the resources. It’s going to open the door to the economy in your own life. And as that economy and money comes to you and wealth comes to you, it will be a domino effect out into your region. Out into your community, out into the nation because people are going to see that you’re prosperous and they are going to want to know what it is and you overcome by the word of your testimony, by saying God supplies all of my needs as I press into Him. Freely I give, freely I receive and He said some of you need to learn to receive from Him in Jesus’ name.”


“I want to tag onto that word of testimony because what the Lord was telling me this morning is that since we’ve been doing virtual church there’s somebody that’s listening that has experienced a realm of God’s goodness, they’ve experienced healing, they’ve experienced an increase in their finances. They have experienced something and that testimony needs to be released today because the Holy Spirit is wanting to move in might and power and it’s going to be the releasing of the testimony of God’s goodness. It’s going to explode over our communication lines today. The Word says that the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. So I just want to encourage somebody who has received a measure of God’s goodness since we’ve been doing virtual church and it needs to be shared.”


“I feel prompted to share how grateful my heart has been through these weeks that I’ve been working at home, to be able to continue to work and continue to draw a paycheck. And I look around me and I see others who don’t have that privilege and I have been so tremendously thankful so I want to give God praise for protecting that and allowing that income to continue.”


“I need to share I’ve been praying for my son for 40 years and since we’ve been doing this online church, he has come forward and wanted to stop drinking and ask for that specifically so that is something that has been, that’s a miracle in Jesus’ name. I’m very thankful for that.”


“I have the same testimony that LInda has. I am so grateful. Grateful doesn’t even describe the word I feel. I don’t have a word for how thankful I am to the Lord that I have been able to be home and still working, still receiving my full paycheck and having more time to spend in solitude with Him. I am not isolated but I am cocooned with Him and it has been an incredible rich time for me. Praise God.”


“I have been told to share as well. What’s actually happened for us during this time with almost everything being shut down is we have been given the opportunity to purchase multiple pieces of properties. Not only have we started purchasing them, we’ve actually closed on 1 and we’re actually negotiating for a close on another at the same time. Daniella said that Jan prophesied about tires, new tires for her car and Daniella got tires all the way around her car and it came from the prophetic class that Jan was in and the money came mysteriously. It came exactly as the prophetic word said from an unknown mysterious source. There’s actually a few other things but we will let that be known as we proceed forward.”


“On Tuesday, Tommy went to his heart doctor and of course from December, ya’ll have been praying and then Linda saw his heart in the heavenlies in January and then people keeping on praying and then I saw his heart in the heavenlies but the Lord wouldn’t let me bring it down maybe 3 weeks ago. And just keeping on praying and believing and it was Tuesday when he went to his cardiologist and he said his heart was perfect. The congestion, the failure was completely gone. And that it is a new heart and that just doesn’t happen in the natural, so I give God praise and glory and honor. It very humbled him and he doesn’t know how to fit it all into his life yet. I mean he’s very grateful but God’s moving in his life. So thank ya’ll. Everybody that’s ever prayed for this man. He does have a call on his life and he at one point was really serving the Lord and he will definitely serve Him again.”

Julia Ann

“I’m so thankful for provision. My husband hasn’t missed a day of work and my children haven’t missed a day of work. They kept working right on. And I want to think that my hip has been healed since I have been watching the services at Redwater and Sonja has prayed for me several times. And my hip is healed and I just thank the Lord. And with this time to get back and be shut in or whatever you want to say - quarantined. But I’ve even gotten back into my gardening that I so love. And when you’re gardening, the Lord just speaks to me so much and I’ve got such a beautiful garden this year that I haven’t had in several years. And my little garden we planted it and he called me one day and he said, Aunt Joy, can I help you? And I said, yeah baby you can help me. He was just precious. He would work with me and we just planted my garden and I talked to him about the garden and how it would grow and we talked about the Lord. We got through planting and I said now we’re gonna pray over the garden that it will grow and it will prosper. And when it begins to grow, the Lord had showed me whatever I grew, the first, to give it away. And I had gotten away from that through the years and I had gotten greedy and I wasn’t doing that and I prayed that day and I said God forgive me and that boy he prayed. He’s 4 years old and I just knew that my garden was going to be something special this year. And I have hoed it and nurtured it and my husband has plowed it and I just thank the Lord for His goodness and His mercy and for each one of ya’ll and may God bless you.”


“I have a short testimony and it may sound insignificant but I think it’s very pertinent. Some of ya’ll know I live in Leake County and I live on a hill and years ago we planted muscadines and we planted fruit trees and every year it seems like they just strive. My fruit trees haven’t produced anything except my peach trees and my muscadines. Well you pray on the land and as you pray and worship on the land and you speak to those things and you call them forth that they bear much fruit. My muscadine vine is just over the top and I know we’ve had a lot of rain but I contributed and I pointed out to Joseph and I said look at our fruit trees. We are actually going to have apples this year, we’re gonna have plums this year, we’re gonna have an abundance of muscadines. And I truly believe that prayer changes things on the land when the land is cleansed to produce what God created it to produce. My flowers are going nuts, just growing, my ferns are wonderful and they looked awful so God is good and I just believe that the great testimony, to tag onto what Joy was saying about praying over your property. Praying over those things which produce fruit.”


“I want to share right quick before anyone else jumps in. I want to give God the praise for allowing me to join the group, that’s the first thing that I want to give Him thanks and praise for. I love all of you and I also want to thank Him for this and I’ve been calling it a divine pause is what I’ve been calling it and I want to thank Him for it and allowing me to participate with all of you because what it has done for me because it answered something for me. When we started in this pause, one of my requests was, Lord I need for you to restore my soul. My soul is weary and Father I need the restoration of my soul and I believe this time has given me that and just allowing myself to sit under the ministry and to participate with ya’ll and it has allowed my soul to heal and to open up and receive from God in a new way. And I just think it’s awesome and we’re not through, the Lord and I, but it’s just been so magnificent and beyond what I just really thought. It has opened me up to so many new things and I just want to say thank you to all of you and to God. To God be the glory.”


Sonja I just wanted to tell you that what I think you were talking about on your land is almost and is probably prophetic regarding the harvest, the awakening that has been prophesied so in the name of Jesus, I just speak that into the earth right now by the blood of the Lamb that the harvest is coming and in fact is here and is going to manifest in Jesus’ name.

Rose Ellen

“So God is amazing. God is totally awesome and what He’s doing for everyone it’s totally awesome so how we look at our victories and how we’re going and not what’s going on in the world around us. It’s where we’re going. God is taking each one of us and if He can give these victories, He can give more and more and more. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Father for Your presence. Just let it rain down on each person, Father God. Father God, I just love the way Jan says this as we cocoon with You, Father God, we don’t worry about being shut in but we’re with You, Father. We’re with You, Father. And we’re getting to know You. Getting to know Your ways, getting to know Your creation. We’re getting to know You, Father. Oh Father God, we just pray for Your awesomeness, Your awesomeness, your healing, Your miracles, You to come into every life on this call today in this virtual church, Father. Fill us, fill us more. Father thank You for Your miracles. Thank you Father for Your miracles, Father. Miracle working power in the name of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So Father we thank You for who You are, Father. We thank You Father God for Your sound Father God. We thank you Father God for what You’re doing in every life in every person Father God. We thank You Father God for how You’re moving, for how You move, Father God. We thank You, Father God for how You come into the earth, Father God. For how You come into the earth Father God and how You move in the earth, Father God. We thank You Father God for Your blessings, and Your blessings and more blessings to come. Just let Your blessings, just let You come, Father God. King of Kings, Lord of all. King of Kings, Lord of all. Father, we thank You, Father God. We thank You Father God that You are coming. You are coming, Father God. You’re coming in a greater measure than You’ve ever come in. We thank You Father God for Your total greatness, Father God in the earth. We thank You Father God for Your magnificence. Father God, we thank You, we thank You. We thank You for Your sound, Father God. You’re sound in the earth Father God. Your sound that resets, Father God. Jesus said I’m walking the earth today. He said, I’m walking the earth. He says I’m looking for who will allow Me to do more. Who will allow Me to do more? He says I’m looking for who will allow Me to do more, who's not looking at the circumstances, who’s not looking around themselves, who's not caught up in what the news is saying. I’m looking for who will allow Me to do more and more and more. I am endless, He says. I am endless, He says. Allow Me to be endless. Allow Me to be endless, endless. So receive Him now, receive Him now as He walks among us and He’s coming to do more. He’s coming to do more miracles. He’s coming to do more. He’s coming to bring more people out of darkness and into light. He’s coming to do more. He’s coming to do more financial breakthrough. He says I’ll break it through. He says if you can just let Me walk and if you’ll let Me come, and if You will let Me in, I can do it. I can do it. Just let Me in to do more. He said it’s My sound. Today is My sound. He said it’s the sound of My feet upon the earth. It is My sound. Just tell the enemy to back off. The enemy has to back out of the way. The enemy has to move out of the way today. It’s not the enemy’s place, it’s the Lord Jesus’ land. It’s His land, it’s His time, it’s His awakening. So let Him fill you. Let Him fill you for the more. Let Him fill you now. Let Him into your home. Invite Him onto your land. Let Him into your finances. Let Him into your life. Let Him in as the God of more, not the God of what you have now. The God of more, the God of more, the God of more. The God who can change your situation, the God who can redo everything that is holding you back. Let Him in as the God who answers all. Let Jesus in. You know Him, you know Him, but you’ve got to know Him as more now. You’ve got to know Him as more now. More on another level. More in the different place. The God of more.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“What the Lord was speaking to me this morning about overcoming. So I was reading in Exodus 23 about Passover and the promises that the Lord made to us during Passover. And He said in verses 23 and 24. First in verse 23, He names the challenges. And He says that My angel goes before you and brings you to all the ‘ites’. So maybe it’s the financial ites, maybe it’s the healing ites, maybe it’s whoever your ites are. His angel brings us to them and you shall utterly overthrow them and break down their pillars and images. And that is ours. That belongs to us. We shall utterly overthrow them.”


“So what I’m hearing, He’s wanting to heal today. He’s wanting to heal today. He’s wanting to pour out healing. He’s a God of healing. He’s a God of healing and He wants to pour out His miracles. He wants you to be a walking miracle. He wants you to be a walking miracle in every aspect of your life.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And this is what I see. I see the Lord walking into the nursing home on the tribe. Jesus walking in and He’s confronting the death spirit that’s been walking through there and He’s telling it to leave. He’s telling it to go. He says I am tired of the smell of death. He says I’m tired of the smell of hopelessness. He said I’m coming to bring life. He said I am the giver of life. And He says I’m calling you. I’m calling you to know Me. I’m calling and I’m calling and I’m knocking on the door of the tribe and I say come back to Me. Come back to Me, come back to Me. I’m calling the young of the Mississippi Band back to Me. He says come back to Me this day. He says I want your heart. I want your heart. He says I want to take down the death structure that’s been over you. He says I’m in here today. I’m walking in. And He says the elderly will live to speak and teach. The elderlies will live to tell the generations correctly.”

“Oh Father, we thank You, we thank You. Janis, do you have your flute?We want to change the sound. We want to change the sound. We want to change the sound of what’s been so much death on the reservation and what’s been so much sickness on the reservation. Janis, we want you to release the sound of life. We want the sound of life released into the reservation. I want you to hear something. He says I’m through calling this place a reservation. He says it’s Choctaw Mississippi. It’s just got boundaries as Choctaw Mississippi. He says it’s not a reserve for people, it’s a boundary of prosperity for My people. He says it’s not a place to push people away anymore. He says it will rise up like I wanted it. Like I want it structured. He says I don’t care who I have to take down. If their heart doesn’t turn, you’re about to see My foot come down.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I want to play Amazing Grace. Last night as I was meditating, I heard that there was going to be a great revival on the reservation, that not to be fearful of what’s happening right now, but be ready. Be ready for people that were going to call on us to teach them about God’s Word. So I feel that yes, there is going to be a great revival. Young people, old people will be turning for the truth.”


“So Father, we just release this sound. Janis, pray in your native language and pray your sound that this sound infiltrates every part of Choctaw Mississippi. So Father God, we just thank You for what You’re doing, Father God. We thank You Father God for who You are and what You’re doing, Father. We thank You for the miracles. We thank You for the great awakening, Father. We thank You Father God for where You’re preparing us to go. And there’s some of you, you didn’t realize it, maybe you do now, but God is giving you so much time right now to pull into Him because He’s going to use you with what’s coming. So Father, as You prepare each one of us for how our place is, for where our place is, Father God, for this time that we’ve had to be so special and so close with You, Father. Father, Father, we’re ready. When you say march, we’re ready to march. We’re ready Father. We’re ready with all we’ve learned in this time Father. We’re ready Father God. Some of you have had to rethink things. Some of you have spent this time rethinking things and lining up correctly with the Father. And God says, I’m using every minute, every second of this time. And He says it’s just a little longer. Don’t waste any second of it. He says you will very soon be out in the streets working for Me but don’t waste a second of what I’m preparing you for right now. There’s some people listening right now, He says you’ve just now started awakening. He says I’ve got to have you awake. I’ve got to have you awake so you can bring awakening. He says keep waking up, keep waking up, keep waking up. He said be thankful for every second you have spent praying and talking to Me. I am awakening you. Thank You Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank You Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“We’re going to pray that your time of Ecclesia comes. We want you to let the parts in you that have not become ‘Paul’, to become ‘Paul’ and not ‘Saul’. So Father, I thank You. I thank You for every person. I thank You for every person that’s on here, Father God and I thank You for the people that are going to watch, Father God. I thank You for the people that are on all forms of media right now watching in this virtual church, Father. And I thank You, Father God, that as You are preparing us to be Ecclesia, the awakening, Father God as You are preparing us for after the quarantine. And we’ve been looking at the trash of the quarantine, Father God, looking at the dirt of the quarantine, Father God. We quit looking at the trash and the dirt, Father God and we allow You to take the blinders off our eyes just as You restored Saul’s sight and made him Paul. Father, restore our eyesight that we see Your manifold wisdom and how much true power we have through You in who You really are, Father. How magnificent, how glorious, how much majesty is actually in You, Father. And there’s some of you repenting right now. You’re repenting for what You’ve held back and God is hearing and He’s wanting to move into those parts of your life that you’ve held back from Him. He’s wanting to show you who He really is. He’s wanting you to have levels of power through Him. And there’s somebody watching that’s been so afraid to step out. There’s been somebody watching who has held themselves back and helped themselves back. But God said this is your hour. This is the finest hour. He said it wasn’t at Noah’s time, He said this is the finest hour. This is what it is becoming. He said My finest hour is about to come. He says you will see the religious and the political system shrink back away from the Ecclesia that is moving truly in My power. And so Father, I thank You for who You are. I thank You for Ecclesia, Father. I thank You, Father for the blessing that You are. I thank You, Father for Your demonstration of power. We’re ready to move in Your power, Father. We’re ready to even, there’s some people on here, God says I want to heal you so bad just receive your healing today. He says I want you to be a demonstration of My power.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And I hear the Lord saying you’ve got to know your dominion. For I gave you dominion in the garden. In the garden, I gave you dominion to bear fruit. For I did not sweat drops of blood in vain. For I took all those things so those things would not remain the same. So as I gave Adam and Eve dominion, when I created them, you will know and you will go but know your dominion. But do not shrink back. For I gave you dominion to rule and to reign. Speak to those things and call those things that be not as though they were. For when you speak to the fig tree, when you speak to the fruit. When you speak to those things which I have given you on the earth, they will bear fruit says the Lord. For I have given you dominion in your homes, on your land, on your property. Yes I gave you dominion over the government, ha, ha, ha. For I have realigned the government as it should be. For those things which were hidden are coming to the forefront and you will see. For those structures are dying. Those structures are going. Those structures are crumbling. They crumbled, they have crumbled and yes you will see and you will hear the good that’s coming forth that I have ordained. You will begin to see in the media. You will begin to see in your own homes. You will begin to see wealth come forth. For I have laid up the wealth of the wicked for the just. For it will come into your hands. For yes, I have a divine plan so take your dominion. Take your voice, take your sound. Speak it forth in Jesus’ name.”


“The Lord wants us to walk in repentance and if we walk in repentance, He’s gonna restore us. Last week I spoke about the eagle that He wants us to go to heavenly places. He wants to bring heaven to earth. The eagle does not strive to go higher into the heavenlies. It goes on the air currents. It glides and glides. It’s not something that it has to fight for. That’s where the Lord wants us to be because we’re going from a two-lane highway to a four-lane highway. That’s where He’s taking us. That’s what He’s recalibrating us for and we just have to remember what we focus on we empower. So we need to keep our focus on Him and I just remind each and everyone of us we’re loved, we’re chosen, we are redeemed, we’re favored, we’re blessed, we’re healed and actually the universe has been waiting on us for such a time as this to walk in our destiny. Each and every one of us has something to do. The Lord put us here for some reason right now and we need to be focusing on that. Lord what do You have for me to do and praise You Father God. Hallelujah.


“I heard earlier, just before Ruth Ann began to teach. I just heard that, I actually saw that the enemy thinks that he’s got it all in his pocket. I could see the pocket and suddenly I saw the bottom of the pocket ripped open and all of it fell out into Jesus’ hands. He will change it all according to His will in Jesus’ name.”

Rose Ellen

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