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May 2, 2021

“And the Lord said My sounds are coming down. My sounds are coming down and it’s new sounds. It sounds that you’ve pushed back and said are not my sounds but they’re My sounds. He said it’s the sound of My fire burning through the land. I’m burning out those things in the land that’s been blocking My people. He says listen to the sound of My fire and then turn and look and see the smoke and see the flame. He says they’re burning blue flames across this land. He says it’s a hot fire and it’s a roaring fire. It’s roaring with the sound of the lion of the tribe of Judah. He said the angel armies are in this fire. He says they’re lighting these fires across the land. He says my angels are going to and forth across this land. He says where the enemy has been walking to and fro, My angels are going faster now than the enemy. And He says I’m burning, I’m burning. He says it’s the sound of My fire, it’s like My voice roaring in the fire now. Listen.

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I hear that His glory is getting ready to hit the earth. His glory is getting ready to burn back and push and push and push the works of darkness. It’s the glory, it’s the fire. Fire is coming. It’s going to burn, it’s going to burn, it’s going to become clear, clearer. The earth is starting to light up, it’s becoming brighter. It’s brighter. It’s brighter because of His glory. Heaven is coming to earth.”


“As a sign you will see what is in My young Native men. Young Native warriors. You’ll see them, you’ll see them turn to Me. You will see them where they have searched in the world, where they have searched in the wind, where they have searched in the elements, for the real power. He said they are about to find My power because I am moving among the young Native men. He says I am going to do a swift work and I am burning out the enemy that has worked among the young Native men. He says they are about to be my supernatural warriors.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I hear the word invincible angels. Invincible angels that cannot be defeated are being released.”


“So when Grant and Sherman came to Mississippi, they came here for an experiment. They came here in anger because Sherman had lost his son. He lost his son in North Mississippi and he blamed it on the state of Mississippi and so he came here and he said we’re going to do an experiment. We’re going to do an experiment against the people and he said the experiment that we’re going to do is total war. And total war is when you declare war against the population not against the army. So he came here to destroy the population. He came here and he said if it works, we will destroy the confederacy that way. That’s from here where they devised a plan to burn and separate the confederacy. For total war. Now I’m not taking up for civil war and I’m not preaching division. I’m telling you what Sheila just saw in the spirit realm. So total war is when the soldiers come against a civilian and they destroy the supply of food, they destroy the homes and they come after the family. And they left Mississippi devastated without a food supply. They took our supply of food and they left. No slave and no freeman had anything. And they took it to Atlanta and they burned Atlanta and they burned across the south here. So Father, that sound of total war that was left in this state, Father God, of destroying the family, I’m destroying everything Father God so there’s no dependency on nothing. Father God wait till this day that sound leaves the state where it began here and here it goes where it started here in the United States it leaves. Where the root of it, where the beginning of it was here, and it was planned from here that sound comes out of the land now. It just pulled out of the land and it’s burning. The fire of God comes across this land and Father we welcome in the sound of the Living Lord. We welcome Him in Jesus Christ, His sound will roar through this land and His sound Father God that declares total war against the enemy this day. Father God total war is removed off of the people of God this day. And Father God the enemy has to come under total war declared by the people of God. For we destroy everything that the enemy has standing and there’s nothing left standing of the enemy.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I’m just going to share what I’m seeing. I’m sensing the ground, the earth it’s just rumbling like the ground is excited. The ground is turning. The ground is excited because I’m seeing a bulldozer. It’s a glory bulldozer and this glory bulldozer is digging into the ground and I have seen structures crumbling. Structures falling and being demolished by the glory bulldozer.”


“I saw a young warrior start dancing, enjoying, like dancing a release. I don’t know what that means but I saw his feet dancing in release. Like he’s released.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“Earlier I saw, I saw the warriors and they were around all the water crossing the United States, the borders of the water. And I saw warriors with spears. And I said Lord what is that? And He said it’s spiritual spears and they were spearing into the water like they would catch fish, how they would go and hunt fish. And the Lord says these warriors have their spiritual weapon and they’re plunging them into the water into the kingdom of darkness annihilating the enemy for coming on our shores. Setting boundaries. Setting boundaries. And when I saw the tribes coming together it was all over the United States and then the Lord began to show me the nations. The different tribes coming together going on their shores with these weapons of spears spearing into the water.”


“Ashton, I hear the prayers of the people are going to be answered. He says it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming. And it’s coming quickly. He said He won’t be able to build the buildings fast enough. He says you’ll have to set up tents because there is an outpouring coming among the tribe like has never been seen before. He said it’s an outpouring. And He says it’s going to do what it should have done to begin with. It’s going to spill over into all the other people groups.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And the Lord says I am clearing the water. I am clearing the water. I am clearing commerce, says the Lord. Where there’s been a delay, where there’s been blockage in commerce, the Lord says I am pouring out My Spirit. I am pouring out My glory. No longer will the Natives just survive but the Lord says you will thrive. For I am clearing out the way for you for you see it is Me that will see you through. And as you rise up and as you stand up and you take your place in this land, in this day and in this hour you will see your land filled with Holy Ghost power. The Lord says My glory is here. My glory is here, My glory is here. So stand up and rise up and take your place across this land.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I just heard the Lord say the clock has been reset. The reset is now. The clock has been reset and it is My time. It is Kairos time. It is My time. The clock has been reset.”


“So Father God, we step into the transformation of Kairos. Kairos is when you take the opportunity . The opportunity is here now so you have to take it. You have to take it. Kairos is all about God is going to give you the opportunity to change everything for Him. So Father, we take the opportunity that You open up for us even today this week. We take the opportunities of Kairos, Father for Your glory, Father, for Your fire. Receive Kairos, receive it now. Receive it.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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