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May 16, 2021

“So what I was seeing was, I was seeing a DNA strand coming from heaven to earth and what Rahka was playing a while ago ever so lightly, it was like the land was now coming alive and awakening and it was in connection with heaven. It was like through the DNA strand going down and coming up. She was releasing the heartbeat. It was like the heartbeat of the land finally became awake and the heartbeat of the land was coming up through the DNA strand from heaven to earth.”


“So Father, we just thank You Lord for answers in the Spirit. We thank You, Father God for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that not only blows the fire of Your Spirit, but goes through the fire. Hallelujah. And Father we thank You, we thank You for the answers. I thank You Father for the answers that are coming today from heaven to earth, Father. Those answers that have gone up as sweet incense into Your nostrils, Father God. And the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is blowing the answers in the fire, in the fire, in Jesus name. I thank You, Father. Father, I just want to thank You, Lord, for the land here at Global Vision. Father, I thank You for the land. Hallelujah. And I thank You Father for the fire. For the fire of Holy Spirit that resides in and on this land, Father God. Hallelujah. Burning up, burning up and purifying. Purifying, Father God bringing purification. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.”


“I just feel to share what I saw a few minutes ago. I don’t really know how to explain it. It was like I saw, it was not like a militia so much, but it was a ranking of the host of heaven that had come down through a portal over the land. And I saw them setting up. It was like they were setting up, they were establishing a portal over the land. They’re doing something in the Spirit that’s preceding what’s about to take place in the natural on the physical land. The Spirit realm is prepping over the land, the new land this day. They are setting it in motion. They are setting it in order. They are setting a firewall in the Spirit around this land before it takes place in the natural. So I’m prophesying that, I’m seeing that and decreeing that. Let it be Lord Jesus, this day.”


“What I'm seeing is the words, the books that are open in heaven. And the words are coming out from those books like arrows consumed in the fire of Holy Spirit hitting targets on the land breaking open the wealth and the riches and the resources of the land. I’m seeing all these arrows coming from this book in heaven hitting the land. Hitting the land. They’re just coming, coming, coming with fire hitting targets in the Spirit. And what I’m seeing particularly here at Global Vision over this property, the arrows that I’m seeing are hitting the parameters of this land. And I’m seeing a fireball coming and hitting the center of this land, this property. And I hear the Lord say yes, there will be a revival. For the revival has to start in the land first. There will be a revival and people will come from the north, south, east and west and say what’s going on in Neshoba County? What’s going on in Philadelphia, Mississippi? What’s going on at Global Vision? People from afar will come, for they will yearn for the fire. They will yearn for God. And the Lord says it will be a peculiar thing for the news media. They will say what is going on? What’s going on in Philadelphia, Mississippi? What’s going on in Neshoba County? What’s going on at this place called Global Vision Faith Center? What is this? What is this? It’s phenomenal. Oh my goodness, people will come. People will come. The sick will be healed. Lame that are bound in wheelchairs will get up, will get up and leave healed. Miracles will take place. And the Lord says don’t limit yourself by the borders that you are in now for I will extend your borders and, yes, I will give you more land says the Lord. The Lord says you won’t have to call people to come in and speak. They will be calling you because they want to get in on what God’s doing in Neshoba County in Philadelphia, Mississippi and at Global Vision. The Lord says watch what I do. Watch what I am doing for I have already started it. For the arrows have gone into the parameters of this land and My fireball has gone into the center of this land that’s causing purification and a move of My Spirit that you’ve not even seen before. So God, we just thank You for the fire. We thank You Father. We thank You Father God for what You are doing. Father, what looks impossible to man is possible with You. And so Father, as we take a back seat and we look upon and we do our part Father, we thank You for moving by Your Spirit with fire. We thank You Father God for what You’re doing. Thank You, Lord. And the Lord says that there’s a greater anointing on this land than you ever thought or imagined. For it is the anointing of My Spirit. It is the power of My Spirit. It is My power. It is My power. For I want all the glory. The Lord says don’t think that’s it’s anything that you’ve done but it’s you being a willing vessel and obedient to follow the leading of My Spirit. It’s the anointing on this land. It’s My power and My fire.”


“What I keep hearing is in Acts, when God sent Holy Spirit and it came like the sound of a mighty rushing wind, the tongues of fire and the people spoke in different tongues and people around knew what they were saying and they were like what’s going on. So many were added to the church that day. There was also the resistance of religion because religion hates the Pentecostal fire. And so Father, right now, we’re just asking as Your fire burns through Lord, the resistance of religion that wants to keep it the same and doesn’t want the power and the signs and the miracles. Doesn’t want the things that it can’t control, Father. We’re asking for the King of Glory to come in and move away the resistance that is keeping people from hearing and keeping people from seeing.”


“When Sonja was talking about fire, I have seen before a wall of fire around this land and on top of it was a road. And on top of the road were prancing horses to the beat of the drum and as each horse hoof hit the road a spark of fire would roll into the center of this land and burn and it would go around and around and around. So Father God, I thank You for the fire of what You have for this land. Father God, I thank You, Father God that it opens up Father God and everything that is needed to create what You have for us to have to bring forth in the power and the anointing and the healing, Father God, every minute thing, Father God that we need Father God. I thank You that this fire burns hot and it’s creative and it builds and it grows and it is more powerful Father God and I give You glory because these land has been seeded. This land has been seeded. This land has been seeded in the name of Jesus for the anointing of Your power, the anointing of Your word, the anointing of Your praise, Father God. And I give You glory for what You’re going to do through Global Vision Faith Center and in this land Father God. And as Sonja was talking about how the people came, Father God, I remember Father God how the people came. Father God, even when the civil rights, Father God and the justice that was done. Father God I thank You that the crowd and the anointing and the knowledge of what goes on will even be greater than that, Father God. It will go around the world, Father God in the name of Jesus and people will tune in over the airwaves and they will come and they will come and touch the land, Father God and see what You are doing in Philadelphia, Mississippi in the name of Jesus.”


“Father, we thank You for Your fire, Father God that You are releasing. We thank you for what You’re doing Father for Your plans for this fire, Father God in the burning of this fire.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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