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March 21, 2021

“So Father I just thank You for today. I just thank You Father that we’ve already stepped in. We’ve already stepped into Your Kairos time. Father, I just thank You for Holy Spirit that is here today. Lord I thank You Father for the army angels that are here. I thank You for their ministry and I thank You for the angels that are here Father. Lord we exalt You, we praise You. Everybody lift your voice. Praise the Lord where you’re standing. Let’s all praise God. Father, we just praise You, we worship You, we honor You. Father, You are the God that is more than enough to do exceedingly abundantly above more than we ask or imagine. I thank You Father that You are moving on the earth today even as it is in heaven. And Lord even as the tribes are coming together, they come together in heaven in unity Father they come together on the earth in Jesus name. I thank You Father. Oh Father I thank You that we have the victory in Jesus Christ. I thank You Father that we are walking in the power of God. So Father God we’re not waiting on You, You’re waiting on us. So Father I thank You that we are walking in your power. We’re walking in Your anointing. I thank You Father that You’ve given us eyes to see and ears to hear what You’re saying and what You’re doing Father. They we’re not a bunch of chickens plucking around on the ground looking down at our seed being eaten up. For Father we are soaring in heaven as the eagles. Father and looking up and seeing the fruit of what You’re doing and what we’re doing as we partner with You, Father. Father I thank You, I thank You, Father. Oh Father we glorify You and we worship You Lord. We worship You. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Father we lift our voices in triumph. We win because Jesus Christ has already won. He’s already won. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Father I thank You that just as You created all things Father, You spoke it with Your Word. You had a thought in Your mind and You spoke it. Father just as You spoke the universe into existence, Father You breathe life. You breathe life and I thank You Father. I just keep seeing the solar system. I just keep seeing the solar system. So Father I thank You. I thank You Father God that You are moving in the solar system for Your glory. For whatever purposes they are Father, You are moving and we move with You.”


“For I have called you to a higher place. It’s not just a place in the Spirit room, it is in the Spirit room, but I hear the Lord say and I heard this earlier and Roger just confirmed it. It’s a higher dimension. But you’ve got to get there. You’ve got to get there with the right sound in the right rhythm. So come on and listen to what I’m saying and hear My rhythm. I want to take you to take you to a higher dimension.”


“The Lord says to step on up. Step on up. Step on up into the rhythm. Into the rhythm of the dimension that I’ve called you to this day. For there are things that I have much to say. For when the word comes forth today listen and obey. Do not be a hearer only. Don’t go around and say yeah I will play. For the Lord says this is very, very serious. It’s time. And yes there is victory, there is victory. But I need you to come on up to the higher dimension that I’ve called you too. For there are things that I’ve got to say and there’s things that I’m going to show you this day. So listen to the word of the Lord that comes forth this day out of my vessel, out of my servant, out of my anointed one that I’ve sent here today. For these things are serious, says the Lord. These things are serious and I need you to hear, and I need you to hear. And I need you to have a clear vision. Let go of the distraction. Let go of what happened yesterday. Let go of what happened five minutes ago. For I am taking you to that place where you will see many things in my universe says the Lord. And yes you will see many things in the hemisphere of my Spirit says the Lord.”


“The Lord says I’m taking you into a new dimension for those that will go. And it’s a dimension where you will have to see things like I see them. Not as your mind comprehends them but as I see them. He says you’re going into a new time of war. He said the time of war is going to be a different war. He said this war is going to be fought on a plain and a level that My people have never gone. And He says My people will go to this level. He says the remnant will win this war.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And listen to the sound of the drum. It’s a ticking clock. He says this is a time where you’re entering into. You’ve got to be on time with everything. For those that hit the right time will walk into the wealth transfer. For those that come into the right time the wealth transfer is lined up. God says I am the God of wealth but My people have listened to the enemy, the enemy in the church about wealth. He says I’m the God of wealth. Listen to me. You’ve got to come into My time. My time is the first thing you have to conquer.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And I hear the Lord say there’s 5 places in the state of Mississippi alone where the enemy controls time. And he locks time. And the Lord says I’m pulling back the covers that My people, My warriors will see this. I am revealing the time portals and He says the enemy has locked time to keep people out of My time. He says I’m pulling it back this day. He says My soldiers are already advanced on the earth and we, My people are now going to step into the control of time.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And the Lord says what My people are battling for now is the reset. He said the race that will happen this year. He said 5781 is the year of My reset. He says you’re battling for the reset into My kingdom or the enemy’s kingdom. He says the battle now is for who wins the reset.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“In order to go where the Father says My people are in control, you have to reset your time. You have to reset your personal clock. Let Him reset your mind. Say it. Let Him bring you out of the time where your mindset is stuck and bring you into his reset. The Lord says there will be two clocks ticking In the earth. He says 1 clock is Mine and the other clock is the enemy's clock. And My people have ticked on the enemies clock so long they call it Me. And He says this is not Me. He says come out of that clock. He says let go of the hands of the clock that you tick with. Drop your hands and let go. And trust Me as you grab My time.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“Now just submit to His reset. Just listen to His reset. Listen to His time. Listen to where He’s taking you in this time war. You’ve got to reset in the right place. You’ve got to reset in some place that’s new to you. You've got to reset where you’ve never been. You cannot expect to win the battle and reset it correctly if you’re afraid of going where you’ve never been.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“This is what I’m hearing the Lord say. Take off your old battle clothes. The Lord says take off the battle clothes of the past. For I am giving you new battle armor. I’m giving you new weapons as you come with Me. As you step into that dimension. The Lord says that as the old time comes out of you, He says to speak to the old time and tell it to go the Lord says, and I’m just going to tell you what I’m seeing. And I saw it when Ruth Ann was talking about the two clocks. I saw a clock that was inside of individuals and the Lord says to step out of that. Let it go. He says I’m giving you new armor. And He says your armor is not going to look like everybody else is. So He says don’t compare where you are and what you have to what other people have and what they are. He says I’ve laid out the blueprint of this dimension. I’ve laid out this battle that you’re stepping into. It’s a battle of victory but you’ve got to let go of the old. You’ve got to let go of the old time. I hear the Lord say repent for saying I don’t have time for this. For that’s an old mindset. For the Lord says that when you step into the Kairo’s time in this new time dimension that I’ve called you to, things will be done and you will say how did I do that? For the Lord says you did that because you yielded to Me and I took care of My time in you. This place that I’ve called you to in this new time, in the new time of dimension, it’s a holy place. Very few step into it. Very few step into it. But my remnant steps into it. Those that desire and hunger and thirst after Me shall be filled. For you will be filled in this time dominion. This time dimension . And it’s a place you’ve never been before and you don’t understand it. But My ways are higher than your ways, My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. And as you step into this time dominion, there’s a transformation that will take place in you and you will be reset for the season. This time that I’ve called you to war. In a place of victory not defeat. A place of training up with confidence, boldness, power, miracles, miracles, miracles. For you will see many and you will see this earth shift into My timetable not the enemies. It only takes a few and I’m calling you.”


“I want to share something. The Lord won’t let me turn loose of this but before Roger came up to share with us, what Shane was releasing on the keyboard earlier was the rhythm of reset. What I was hearing so strongly from the Lord and I was so caught up in it - there was even a fury. There was a fury that was being released as the Lord was telling me, showing me that He was unraveling the Kronos out of our DNA. And I even thought that even in the natural, we need to do a turnaround because I saw the Lord coming back behind that and resetting our DNA into his Kairo‘s timing. So I just invite you today to participate in the unraveling out of your DNA that Krono’s time. So as a prophetic act, I am going to physically turn around and I am receiving the Kairo’s timing in my DNA this day that’s going to set me on that path. It’s going to chart the course. That spirit to spirit relationship that Roger has talked about. So I just have to release that because the Lord won’t let me get away from it.”


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