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June 9, 2019

“I read this week where the Lord said, or someone said that the Lord had shown them 2 things that the Lord will not allow satan to touch and that is our mind and our will. See, God gives us a choice. He gives us the choice. Our will to do what He’s called us to do. And He gives us the choice but we have the final say in our mind if we’re gonna follow the Lord or if we’re gonna go after the enemy. See, God wants to give more glory. God wants to pour Himself out. God wants to show you a magnificent level of Him that you’ve never dreamed, you’ve never touched, you’ve never walked in. God wants you to come but neither Him nor the enemy is allowed to touch your will or your mind. And it has to be your choice, it has to be our choice. It cannot happen just on Sunday morning, it has to be a choice of your will every day, every second, every minute of your life. If you want His power, you have to bring your mind and your will together and you have to go after the depth of what He will offer. It’s our choice. It’s our choice and neither God nor the enemy will touch your will or your mind. It’s your choice.”

“The Lord is saying, those people that will become one in Him, that will become the next chosen and grow into the next Joseph’s and call and make you into the Daniel, that He can call and can put you in the King’s palace that you speak and you have the King’s ear. He wants to become that one with you, that you are so one with Him that you’re directing a nation behind the scenes. He wants you to grow, and to grow and to be that David. The one that He can take out of obscurity and bring to rule a nation. Are you willing? Are you willing? Are you willing to be that one with Him?”

“Surrender the mind and the will. Surrender, give it up. Don’t just give it up for the moment and don’t take it back when you walk out of the door, give it up. Become so one with Him. Become so one with Him. So one with Him that He can raise you up to be a Paul. He can change who you were as a Saul and now you’re a Paul.”

“Become one with Him today. Become one with the Lord Jesus. Become one with Him.”

“So we speak to the ancient gates of this land. And we say open up ye ancient gates. Open up wide. Open up where you’ve held back the King of glory and let the King of glory come in. For we, the people of this land welcome the King of glory. We welcome the manifested presence of the living God. We welcome the King of glory to come into this land.”

“So let Him fill you. Let Him fill you to another level today. Let Him fill you. Overflow it, overflow it, overflow it. If you don’t overflow, nobody else can have it. Overflow. You’ve got to overflow for the others to catch it. Let Him fill you until you overflow. Now allow Him to let you overflow. Allow Him to overflow out of you.”

“Just hold out your hands and just remember. Just bring back to your remembrance when He split the sea for you when it was totally impossible. That’s what He wants to do for you again. But even in a greater way, He says this time and even in a greater way than the last time. He says bring your mind and bring your will into alignment with Me. Bring your mind and your will into alignment with Me for I want to split the sea even greater in a deeper sea than I’ve ever split for you before. I want you to walk on dry land where the enemy, and all of your enemies say, how? How could this be done? So Father, we thank You that You are the unlimited God and you’re the only limit on Him. So Father, we take our limits off of You. We’re ready to walk back through that sea one more time with You in a greater depth that You will split for us this time. A deeper sea, Father God. We’re ready to go into the deepest sea that we’ve ever been in and see You split it open for us, Father. Just feel Him and say Father, I will let You move everything for me. I’ll let you move oceans out of the way. I don’t know to what level you need to go but God says, I will do it. I will do it for you. Just bring your mind and your will to Him. Your mind and your will to Him. So Father, we thank You. We thank You for who You are this day. We thank You, Father God for Your unlimited, unlimited, Father, unlimited, unlimited, Father God. Just an unlimited You.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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