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June 2, 2019

“I’m remembering a word we got in this house one time. Don’t think of all the things God has not done but think of what He has done for us. Think what has been accomplished and what He is doing. So Father, we praise You and we give You glory and honor and praise, even in the midst of anything that’s going on and we feel like it isn’t working out or hasn’t worked out right. We raise a hallelujah this day, Father for who You are and what You have done.”

“Ok so what the Lord is showing me, there is such power when we raise a hallelujah in the storm. What He is bringing to my mind is Paul and Silas in the prison. In the midst of what you would think could be the worst thing that would happen being in prison, being miserable physically. And when they raised a hallelujah song to the Lord, it was such that the earth shook and the prison bars could not stand. The doors were thrown open and all the, not just the ones that were praising Him, but all the prisoners were freed in that land.”

“So the other thing that God is just impressing on me this morning is coming through Pentecost and the Feast of Weeks is that God told them to wait for My power to come but once they had the power they had to go out to their assignments. So once they were full, they needed to go release that. And we even know persecution came and they scattered because they weren’t moving out and when that persecution came they had to leave and go. So Father God, as You are filling us up, we want to step out in our assignments. We don’t want to wait in the same place but it’s not for us that You’re filling us up, but it’s for the land and for the people and where we live, Father. And so we’re asking that You show us where we need to move out. Show us when we need to speak. Out of Your abundance, Lord we want to speak Your truth in this place and where You’ve called us in the name and through the blood of Yeshua.”

“So if there’s somebody, I’m just feeling impressed, what the word ‘Shekinah’ really means? For some reason, that’s just real important. Shekinah means the glory of the divine presence. conventionally represents light or interpreted symbolically. In this other one that I’m reading from it says that in Judaism, it is the divine presence of God that actually descends into the physical realm to dwell among humans. In original Hebrew, the word means divine presence.”

Sheila Zehr

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