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June 2, 2019

“So Father God, we just thank You for who You are Father God. We thank You for who You are but also thank You for who You want us to be. Father God, we thank You, Father God as we lay down more, You come in more. And so Father God, just fill us because we want to lay down another level today, just another level. And you may say, God what else can I lay down? God said it’s not sin, it’s not sin that keeps Me from you. It’s not sin at all. You’re not sinful, you love Me. He said it’s self. It’s you. It’s yourself. It’s you. He says once you lay down another piece of self and let Me in, can you do that today? Another piece of yourself. So Father God, whatever piece of self that you need to let go, we let it go today Father God. That’s a little bit different message isn’t it? And so Father, we thank You for that.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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