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January 24, 2021

Prophetic Song

“There’s a new song and a melody filling hearts today. There’s a new rhythm of heaven coming your way. A new sound, a new rhythm that’s filling our hearts today. It’s the sound of heaven, Holy Ghost fire showing you the way. Showing you the way to victory, victory victory. Shout victory, victory, victory, shout victory. There’s a new rhythm coming from heaven filling our hearts today It’s the rhythm and sound of heaven. It’s showing us the way. Fill us up, fill us up, can you fill us up with the sound of heaven. Shout victory, victory, victory today. Don’t fall back, victory, listen to what I say, Victory, victory is here.”

“Sonya, this is an absolute confirmation of what you just sang because when Shane started playing, I felt like the Lord was saying this was a new, a new sound. Don’t be fearful of it. This is a new sound and I’m taking you higher to listen carefully. You will hear My heartbeat in the new sound and it’s a new sound of victory.”


“Years ago there was a series with Michael Landon called highway to heaven and I just heard the Lord say we’re on a highway to life, We’re on a highway to life. We pray and we say Father, Your will be done on earth even as it is in heaven, where there’s life in heaven. So we call down the highway of life in Jesus’ name to the Native Americans from the north, south, east and west. I say live. Get on the highway of life in Jesus’ name. Get on the highway of life in Jesus’ name. Highway of life as your headdress has been changed. As your worship has changed, as your words have changed, as your walk has changed. Get on the highway of life in Jesus’ name. And your life will never be the same. Old things are passed away. All things have become new in Jesus’ name. The highway of life, the highway of life. And you know in heaven, there’s no defeat. There’s only victory. Amen. So Father, we just call down and we thank You that Your will be done on earth even as it is in heaven. And that same victory that’s in heaven, Father, we’re on the highway of victory in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah, we receive it, we walk in it, we run in it. We soar with it in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah. Victory.”


“Receive life where you have received death in your spirit. Receive life, receive victory. Let victory, let victory penetrate every part of you. Anywhere you felt defeat in your life, let victory penetrate. Let God show you victorious. See the Lord Jesus come and show you victorious. Any people group that has felt defeat, anywhere in your blood where you feel defeat for your people group, see the Lord Jesus come and let Him change your headdress. Let Him change the headdress of the generations. What I see in the spirit realm, the image of the defeated Native on the horse with the horses’ head hung. I see the Native dismounting the horse and he's’ getting on a white horse. He’s getting on a horse out of the heavenlies. A horse of victory as he marches behind the Lord Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“Daniela came in one day and she said something to me and when she said it to me, I kinda like said no, I don't do that. But when she kept talking, I said yes, I do that. She said Ruth Ann you're a time traveler. I said no I’m not. If I could, I would get rid of a few bags and if I was a time traveler, I’d go get the bags gone, ok from my eyes. And she said you take people to the past. And she said you take people to their past and you heal their hurts and you bring them to the present so they can go to the future. So that’s what God is wanting to do. He’s wanting to make sure we’re on a highway of victory. So your past, and the past of your generations will no longer hold you from victory. So you have to go to the past to pick up the victory. You can’t change the past, but you can change the response to the past. And whatever response God is showing you that needs to be changed, let Him change the response to the past so you can walk in victory.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So Father right now in Jesus’ name, Lord, in the name of Jesus I reverse the sound of the ticking clock of Kronos time. And Father God we step into the correct sound in Your time clock into Kairos time in our generations, in our bloodline. Hallelujah. And I call those negative sounds from the clock of kronos time null and void in Jesus’ name throughout the generations through our bloodlines in Jesus’ name. I reverse the kronos time on the clock that has penetrated the land, that has penetrated people groups, nationalities, in Jesus’ name. And I call forth the correct sound, the new sound of heaven on God’s time clock into Kairos time, in Jesus’ name.”


“Just let your clock change. Just feel your generational clock change. Come into the rhythm of God’s new time. It’s His time that we need to get on.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I want to testify. When Ruth Ann was giving that word, I literally was watching her and I saw in the spirit and I saw a bloodline. It was so cool. What I saw was, it was like a line going to the left. It almost looked like an upside down hockey stick. And when she said that, I saw that line go straight. And I’m telling you, it was awesome. Thank You, thank You, Jesus.”


“Jesus rose on the third day. When the enemy thought he had won, Jesus rose and He’s calling us to rise up. Take off the grave clothes. Take them off. Take them off. Rise up, rise up, rise up. Choose life, choose life. You know so many times we choose to accept our circumstances because that’s what we’re trained to do. That’s what we're programmed to do. And that’s defeat. That is defeat and we can choose life and live in every area of our life. Not just in the physical realm, but with our jobs, with our destiny, whatever God’s called us to do. And if you're looking at your circumstances because you’ve just accepted them and sided with them and gotten in agreement with the enemy, what you need to do is repent. And we need to choose life and say I do not receive what I came in agreement with. Because when you agree with your circumstances is when it’s defeat, death, doom and gloom and despair, you’re getting in agreement with satan. Let’s just say it ok. So the Lord says to repent, to repent of siding and agreeing and break that covenant of death and gloom and doom in your life and choose life. God will come and fill you with the Holy Ghost. He will fill you with HIs presence. He will fill you with His glory. He will fill you with your healing and deliverance with a sound mind where you won’t be confused about what’s going on around you because you’re on the highway of victory and life. So choose this day whom you’re going to serve. Amen.”


“Father we just thank You that You are life. You are life and we choose You first. We choose Your victory. We choose Your victory. We choose victory. And this is kind of going out on a limb and this is what God is showing me. In the next year to year and a half, we’re going to see a great overturning in the land of Native America. It’s going to be something that you’re going to have to look for and watch because the newscasters are going to overlook it. But it’s there. You’re going to see an upheaval coming in their elections because you're going to see a youth among Native America start to rise and they’re going to start speaking truth. They have bought a lie. There are young, young warriors among Nativer Americans now that’s teaching truth. You don’t see it because they’re behind closed doors but you will see it in the coming days. You will see what the young warriors speak. So Father, I thank You, Father God for the freedom that You’re about to bring to Native America. I thank You Father God for that freedom that will spill over into the land and it will become unstoppable. And I hear the Lord saying irreversible. This time, the government will not be able to reverse the movement in Native America. I’m going out on a limb with that one, but that’s what I heard the Lord say.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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