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February 7, 2021

“So what I'm seeing, I'm seeing Jesus and He has a megaphone. He’s saying church, wake up. Wake up. You are being called out today. Wake up. Hear My feet on the land today. Hear My feet on the land today. Open your ears. I am coming. Open your ears, open your eyes. Listen. Wake up. Wake up.”


“And I see Jesus walking. He’s walking on the land. And He says where I’ve carried My church, He says where you’ve only seen My one footstep, where you’ve only seen My footsteps and you’ve always said you’ve never seen your footsteps because I was carrying you. He said I need you now to step into My footprints. I need you now to become who I have created you to be. I need now for everything that I’ve put in you to rise up and for you to become the church.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“And the Lord says it’s a steady pace. It’s a steady pace in running your race. For I will not allow you to stumble and fall. For I am the Lord God Almighty afterall. So as you step up the pace and you run your race, I will not let you fall. I will not let you fall, says the Lord. For I have called you for this day and hour to be filled with Holy Ghost power. So as you step up the pace and you run your race, know that today you will see victory in every way. You will see the victory. You will hear the victory. You will smell the victory. You will feel the victory. So step up your pace and run your race, says the Lord. For this is a new race. For this is a new time. This is a new era. This is new. This is new for you have not run this way before. You’ve not walked this way before. For My ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are higher than Your thoughts. But as you step up the pace and you run your race and you step in My footprint on the land today, you will see great and mighty things. Yes, miracles and you will see unusual things. There will be unusual things but do not be dismayed and don’t think it’s strange, for I am the Lord and I always stay the same.”


“I saw a Native man and I see him dancing around a fire and I feel like it has something to do with connecting to the earth. The sound connecting to the earth.”


“And I’ve been hearing, I’ve been seeing that. But I’ve also been hearing the sound that the Natives are making.”


“OK, and I just heard something and it’s an old disease that killed many, many people years ago. It’s tuberculosis. And I heard when I released that sound, it killed it at the root. It’s been in the land.”


“And this is what the Lord said. I want you to learn to listen to Me. He says your ears have been in too many different places. He says the ears of your ancestors were trained in the wrong way. He said you have been trained in the wrong way. He said you have never been trained to listen to Me and He says I’m requiring you now to train your ears to hear Me. Not to the sound of the voice your ancestors, whose ancestors listened to the wrong sound. He said they listened to the sound of the government saying the Native Americans had to be annihilated. He said they listened much to what we call disinformation. He said it’s in your blood. That sound is in your blood because your ancestors believed the wrong sound. He said My sound. My sound is My body working together. My sound is My people marching together. He said I made every group of people and I put them for a purpose. He said My sound, My sound is My army marching together. He said you’ve got to learn over the next few weeks to hear Me. To hear Me and not your ancestral talk. You’ve got to hear My voice. And where you have believed, where you have believed you’re hearing Me, the Lord said listen and listen again. He said this week I’m going to require much obedience. Much obedience. He said do not let your ancestral voices stop you from that obedience.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So what I’ve been hearing is the beat goes with the army march or whatever march it is. Left, right, left right left. So that’s what I’ve been hearing but also what I heard was when you go this week and you be obedient, go with a steady beat but also when you release your voice don’t mimic other people’s voices, don’t mimic other people's sounds because mimicking is what the devil does.”


“The Lord says you have mimicked. You have mimicked over the years and over the generations. You have not listened to My voice. You’ve been mimicking the voice of the enemy.” Ruth Ann McDonald

“And the Lord says, did I not create you with your own destiny, with your own DNA For see you have mimicked for generations and generations and generations those things which is in your bloodline. And the Lord says to come out and be separated. Come out and be separated. Let your sound be heard. Let your DNA flood with the DNA of My Spirit says the Lord. For I have called you. I have called you and appointed My church to be separated from the world. To be separated from the generations gone by and your DNA who mimicked and mocked My Spirit. Who mimicked and mocked My Me. For you have a distinct sound, a distinct rhythm, a distinct voice, a distinct identity that is found only in Me. So as you separate yourself and you cut those things off. The sound of your ancestors, the sound that’s been on the land that has mimicked and mocked Me, I bring you into the new. The new. The new for your destiny. The new that is written in your book in heaven about you. For in your book in heaven, there are sounds that are coming from your books. There is a rhythm coming from your books. There is a destiny written in your books about you. So as you take your step out of the old and into the new and you step into My footprint on the land, there will be an Ecclesia arising that I have ordained, that I have called together. Do not worry about those who do not step into the new. Do not be concerned about those who do not step into the new. For many will fall, but many will rise and they will take the land after all. So step into your destiny. Step into the new. Listen to the sound that’s written in your books in heaven. For the rhythm, the sound, your voice, your DNA, there’s a transfusion going on this day. For as you step into the new and you let go of the old, old things are passed away. All things have become new and there’s a new day. There's a new time, and it’s a new season and it’s a new era and it’s only found in Me. You must step into My footprint on the land to receive what I have for you. There’s a fire. There’s a fire that’s on the earth today. There’s been a counterfeit fire of My Spirit on display. But know as you step into My footprint this day, the true fire of My Spirit will have its way.”


“This is kind of funny, but this is what I’m hearing the Lord say. Step, step, step, step. This is part of the unity call.”


“This is what I hear. All you people that are watching, get up and step with the Lord too. Get up and start stepping with Him into obedience.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“I’m going to share what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing. I heard the Lord say that every time you take a step within My step as you step into My footprint, you take a step, the colors of the rainbow and the sound of the colors coming from the rainbow are going out into the earth, into the atmosphere and into the spirit realm causing the sound that’s coming from heaven, which is My covenant with mankind. The Lord says with My covenant, remind Me of My covenant. Remember My covenant that I have with you. For that covenant is yes and amen and it always is true. But the colors that are coming from the beat of the sound, the beat of your foot, the beat and the spirit on the earth are coming up before heaven and coming back to earth as a rainbow reminding you the covenant that I have made with you. It’s all about covenant. And the Lord says break all those ungodly covenants that you have made with your mouth. Break those ungodly covenants that you have made with your mouth. And hear the sound, hear the rhythm that’s coming from My sound of the rainbow for they are going out from your feet into the earth, out into the earth up into the atmosphere, up into heaven and coming back down to earth. For this sound is a blended sound. It is a harmony. It is a vibration. It is a rhythm. It is of unity and not discord. It’s a peace and not chaos. It is of love and not hate. It is a commitment of love that I have made with you.”


“I’m seeing in this room, I’m seeing all the colors coming together in all different directions of the rainbow and it’s like a big ball. It’s just coming and it’s coming. It’s coming and it’s here. I’m seeing it. I’m seeing it.”


“When Ruth Ann was praising the Lord. I just keep seeing the colors. They’re all coming together and then I begin to see something else. On the lines of the colors are the prayers from those that have already gone to heaven written on the colors. And the Lord says I’m answering those prayers. I’m answering your prayers. And I could see this fine writing, this tiny writing that just went on and on, on each color and it’s the prayers, the prayers. The Lord says He’s answering those prayers. What you thought was delayed. He says it wasn't but it’s for today. I just see the words, I’m seeing these letters on these lines of colors. There’s so many. He says this has been swirling around in heaven but I’m releasing them. I’ve released those prayers. He says for you see they did not fall but they came to heaven and needed to be released for this day and hour as you step into My footprint and walk with Me and you align with Me. Those prayers are being answered. He said there are those that are listening and those that are here that have been praying for specific things for years. He says you’ve had things in your heart that you’ve not even voiced but I’m answering those today. Because I love you. I love you, says the Lord.”


“And there’s someone, something with a son, that looks really dim today. God said it won’t look that way tomorrow. Whoever that’s for, God said it won’t look that way tomorrow. I’m even hearing Monday. So whatever you’re looking at today, it’s going to be better tomorrow.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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