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February 23, 2020

Updated: May 11, 2020

Prophetic Song

“See the things in the land that have been held back, they’re coming down. Structures that have been set up, they are coming down. The ungodly things that have been set in the ground, they’re coming down. I see them falling. I see them falling. We pull them down, Lord. We pull them down. The things that are in ourselves that are hooked to that, we pull them out. We pull them out, Lord. Joy is the freedom we have to walk in. Pull it down in the land. We put a demand on heaven today. We put a demand on heaven today. Father God, we pull down the presence. We pull down the Kairos presence of God into the earth. Into the earth. Into the earth. Into the earth.”

Sheila, Sonja

“I’ve just got to share what I’m seeing. I’m seeing the glory of God enveloping each and every person in this room. Each and every one of us have different things in our life that God’s working on and we want to change and grow from glory to glory. So, what I’m seeing is different things for each and every individual with the glory of God. And what I’m seeing is that the circumstances and the things that you’re going through and then there’s those that are just moving up to a higher level in God. They’re not going through any particular bad situation or circumstance. And so what’s happening is the glory, and I’m seeing it like a whirlwind going around you and then and then the glory is going in you and it’s building and it’s building and it’s taking those to that higher place in Him. It’s changing circumstances in your life. Because see, when your focus is on the glory and the glory, when you’re focusing in on Jesus, the circumstances and the situations become smaller and they become stepping stones instead of mountains in your life. So what I’m seeing is those circumstances, I see those circumstances changing. They’re changing and the glory is going in you all through your DNA changing you. Changing circumstances and situations. And then I’m seeing those where the glory is going in you and around you and in your DNA taking you to a higher place in God. From glory to glory, you’re moving up and I’m seeing 3 levels in the spirit realm of a higher place walking with the Master. Walking with the Master, Jesus and He’s looking down and He’s giving you strategic plans, strategic words to decree and declare over things that God has assigned you to. Does that make sense? So it’s the shekinah glory and it doesn’t look like the same thing for everybody because we’re all different individuals. And the Lord says to let it go and you’ve got to prophesy what you want, what’s God’s putting in you, you prophesy it. Tell the dead bones to come alive in Jesus’ name. Tell them to come alive in Jesus’ name and you’re going to start seeing things change and you’re going to start sensing walking with the Master with the more intimacy. That’s what I’m seeing.”


“And I just have to tag onto that. Because what God was showing me in talking about more intimacy, the way to go up to the next level is really that intimacy. Spending that time with HIm. Getting face to face and there’s some prophetic words I’ve been given lately about releasing a new sound so I’ve been talking to the Lord about that and I’m trying to figure it out in my head. He kinda told me you can’t figure it out in your head. It’s like I have to pull into Him and let Him do it. Because this is not something I’m doing with my own power. That’s not going to happen. So the new thing that God is wanting you to step unto, it’s not about what you can do except to spend time and submit and do the work if you have things that need to be released. If you have woundings and stuff that you know that’s affecting you, if you feel yourself pulling back, you feel that something is there, get before God and say what is this? I want it gone because I want to go to the next level. Then it’s not about doing something to get to the next level, it’s about being with Him. So Father God, this day, we ask You to show us where we need to submit. And Father, those that want to go to another level, Father, pull us. Pull us. Don’t allow us when You’re wanting to wake us up in the middle of the night, to spend time with You. Don’t allow us to go back to sleep, Father. Pull us and let us hear You. Give us that unction to pull into You so that we can move to that deeper thing. Not because of who we are but because of who You are and what You’ve placed in us. In Yeshua’s name.”


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