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February 21, 2021

“And the Lord says that just as victory is on the land this day, know that I have extended My hand to you to give you new gifts, new weapons of warfare, new weapons of praise. As you step onto the land this day, know that victory is already here. The Lord says I will have My way. I am having My way on the land and in your home, in your heart and in your family. In your realm of influence, I am having My way. For I am rising up My Ecclesia. Those that have been scattered afar and near they are coming together in unity. Yes, you shall hear My glory, glory, My glory for miracles are taking place this day. Miracles are not just on the way, they are here now so rise up My warriors. Rise up and praise Me. Praise Me, praise Me for I have much to say. There is much to do. But only know this, I am here to see you through. For you shall see many that have shaken the dust from their feet. You will see many that have shaken the dust from their hands. For it is I, says the Lord. It is I, says the Lord that has put the plan into man. For I am causing you to rise up this day and hear exactly the words that I have to say. Glory is here. Your victory is here. For I am honored this day and I am well pleased this day. Know that I love you. I love you and I am causing the Ecclesia to come together in unity afar and anew. A far and anew and a far and near. Those that have been backslidden, those that have been complacent. Those who have been lukewarm, I am putting My fire in them to melt their hearts as one with Me says the Lord.”


“There have been those that have been praying and praying for your loved ones and have been going through some hard stuff with your family whether in the spirit or in the natural. And the Lord says to see them healed, to see them delivered, to see them free. He says don’t look at the circumstance. Don’t look at all the symptoms, but look at the answer and the answer is Jesus Christ. And the Lord says they have opened up that box of their preconceived ideas of how things are. And the Lord says not only have they opened up the door, He has smashed that box. He has smashed that box. And He says do not give up. See them already where God sees them. God says see them the way I see them, not what’s going on in the natural. Not what you’re hearing, not what you’ve been experiencing. The Lord says to see them through His eyes and He sees them whole. He sees them free, He sees them delivered. He sees them coming into unity in the Ecclesia to become that warrior that’s rising up on the land that is free, that is victory. He says to celebrate, celebrate freedom. Celebrate Jesus. Father, I just thank You right now in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach for the freedom in my family. Declare it. Let it come out of your mouth. Let it come out of your mouth everybody. Let it come out of your mouth. Father, I thank You for freedom. Thank You Father for freedom. I celebrate. I celebrate You, Jesus. Hallelujah. The Lord says you thought they were going to be left behind that they’re not. They’re going to get into the strategies, to the plans and purposes of their destiny. For the Lord says, oh, oh, yes they are, yes they are. Because I am calling them. Do you not think that My power is more powerful than your circumstances? Do you not think that My power is more powerful than what’s had them bound up? The Lord says I am all powerful. I am all powerful. He says to celebrate Him. The Lord says to get out of your formulas. He says to get out of your formulas on how to do things and on how things should look. He says to get out of your rituals because of a ritual we’ve got to do this and we’ve got to do this. He said that is legalistic. It’s being legalistic. He says I am all powerful and My breath can blow on them and it’s blowing on them to set them free to set your course in the right direction. He said to get out of the formulas. It’s not 123 and ABC but it’s the whirlwind of My Spirit. It’s the breath of My Spirit that’s blowing in you, through you, in your family, in this land that is causing the victory to manifest on the earth. Watch and see. Watch and see for what I am about to do and what I’m doing.”


“There’s a triumphant cadence that’s being released. There’s a triumphant cadence. Set your family on this highway of holiness. Set your family, your family members, name them out if you choose. Your family members that you are setting on this highway of holiness. This triumphant cadence where you see Jesus face to face, eyes to eyes. See the triumphant victory that is ours this day.”


“Let that sound penetrate you. Let that sound just fill you up. Just start declaring your victory.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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