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August 4, 2019

“Father, we just thank You, that You start today, 8 days – just let it go. Let all the pride, let all the strongholds, let every altar, let the generational sins come out. Come through the strait in victory. Don’t get caught in a boulder for next year. Oh Father, let the jezebel’s in us fall, let the jezebel’s in our generational line, let covenants we’ve made with leviathan be broken out of us, Father God. Everywhere we’ve walked in an Absalom spirit, Father God, let it roll out of us, Father God. Let us come through the strait. And where python has squeezed our generations, Father God loose us. And where we bowed knees, where we bowed knees to our own self pride, Father God, we let it go. And sister Spirit of Wisdom, come fall, come fall. Spirit of Revelation, fill us anew. Unity and loyalty come into the state of Mississippi. Father, we have been a state of division, Father God, but we declare this day we are a state of unity, Father God. We have destroyed our brothers, we have risen against our people, Father God and the church has worked to destroy the church here, Father. And we confess our sins, Father. And Father God, let the church unify first. Oh Father, we have judged our brothers who love you that we just don’t understand or we came in competition with our brothers. Let it fall. So Father God, let us lead the nation now in unity, not in division, Father. Father God, don’t let the people come here to connect with division to spread it into our nation. Let them come here to connect with unity and spread it in. And where we have created disunity in each one of us or in our generations has brought disunity, we’ve got 8 days to let it go. Pull it out of us, Father. Don’t let us sleep until we give it up, Father. Father, Lord Jesus, come afresh to Mississippi. Come afresh to this land. Come afresh to Alabama. We call You to Tennessee, Father God. We say come to this land. Oh, let us join back in brotherhood. Thank You, Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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