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August 25, 2019

“As we are coming close to Av, the end of Av, and we have 1 more week and coming to ELUL, the King is in the field, you know that AV is the time of the straits and we’ve been talking about how you have to press through and push through and it’s that narrow place that’s often uncomfortable and hard and you’re having to lay down stuff and recognize stuff you didn’t know you had. It’s really been a battle for me in this year and God in His grace and wisdom brings ELUL right behind AV, so as we come out of that narrow place, He’s closer than He’s ever been. The King is in the field and He’s just there for us to be able to step up to with no protocol. For us to be able to just sit in His lap and for Him to just say well done, you’ve made it through. And let’s move up. So Father God, I thank You for that. I thank You for Your time. And in this last week of AV, Father, we just want to give everything up that would hold us back from really getting ready to enter into the new season.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot and one thing Ruth Ann said in the new class said that God left some ‘ites’ in Israel so the children of God would learn how to fight, they would learn how to warfare. So Father, let us learn what we need to learn in order to take care of everything that needs to be gone in our lives and for our ministries and for this land, what You’ve called us to steward, Lord. On our properties. But if we will just come in worship with hearts pure and minds pure to what God is wanting to do, many times worship is all the warfare we need and it’s where we need to start. And we thank You for that, Lord.”

Sheila Zehr

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