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August 25, 2019

“So Father, thank You for strategy, Father God for the new season. So God, just fill us with strategy. Show us the new steps for the new season, Father God, for the new year we’re going into. Show us the places Father God on how to win the battle, Father God. Show us, Father God. And Father God, as we gather behind the white horse rider, Father God to bring victory, Father God, we gather Father God. We ride. We take our horses and we ride, Father God and we learn how to be strategists, Father God. I don’t know what this means, but some people, God says, if you will just go out and do My work and quit trying like you’re… this is what God is showing me. It’s like a little old hen running around a bunch of chicks. He says I got those chicks. I got a bigger picture for you. He says, I’ll fight that battle if you’ll take on that battle that I’ve called you to. So Father, God, thank you for the strategy, Father. Thank you for the downloads, Father God. Thank you, Father God. There’s several of you in here that you’ve been fighting the wrong battle. You need to fight the battle God has called you to. God said I’m the protector. I don’t know who feels like they just need to hover and protect. I’m the protector He said. He said you fight My battles and I will protect. Thank you, Father in the name of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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