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August 18, 2019

Prophetic Song

“Out of the ashes, make us whole, Lord. Heal our wounds, out of the ashes make us whole, Lord. Rebuild, restore, renew. He’s right beside you. He’s all around you. Can you feel Him? He is there. Feel His love, His presence, King of glory, He is yours. He is here. He is here just for you, just for your healing, just for what you need this day. Yeshua. Joy of the Lord is our strength. He is our hope. God our restorer. Heal, Lord. Even more than we could hope for, Lord. We want to walk in more that we could even see or imagine, Lord. We put our eyes on you. We set our heart on you. We walk with you, Lord.”

“So I feel I just need to share this. So what came to my mind is that Yeshua, Jesus is there - even when it’s like any time. It’s like even times when we’re not really wanting Him. Jesus wants to be there in all of our moments. Even when we’re like nothing is working and I’m ticked and I know, if we could just take a moment and breathe. Just ask Him what He wants to speak about or just show me where You are Lord in this situation. Lord, we just want to invite You into everything about our lives and our day and even in areas where we know we need to be cleaned up some. Lord, we just want, we want You there so we are reflecting You in everything. And that when people are watching us, we know that they are seeing You. And we thank You, Lord, that even though no matter what we have going on, You are there. Whether we’re looking for You or not, You are always there and all we have to do is shift our gaze to You. All we have to do is shift our eyes to Jesus, no matter what we’re in the middle of. What we’ve just done, what somebody else has just done, all we have to do is just shift our gaze to Him. Shift our gaze to Him and what He’s doing.”

Sheila Zehr

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