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August 1, 2021

“So this is what I’m sensing with the beat. I’m sensing that the land is trying to get us to connect. The land is calling out and it’s wanting us to connect with the beat, with the vibration it is trying to release. I’m sensing that the land is wanting to send out a call to wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”


“I just heard the word taproot. I don’t know the connotation of that. I don’t know if we need to tap into a root, if we’re supposed to pull out a root. I’m not sure, but I’m hearing taproot.”


“Father, we just come. We say Father, the taproot is the storage system for the plant. Taproot is the root even when there is no nutrients the plant can survive. It is the primary system, and I did not know this, but when we’re eating a carrot, we’re actually eating the taproot. And the beet that we eat is the taproot. So this is how the plant survives. Everything around it could be going into a type of drought, this is where all the nutrients comes that keeps everything living through whatever comes. So Father, we go deeper in You. We tap down deep into You, Father. Deep to what You put in this land Father God, we tap into the original sound, to the original vibration of this land, Father God that You said that Your people would survive, then enemy can not move us, Father God, because we tap into the taproot of this land.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“OK, I’m still on taproot. Daniel 4:26 - They said to leave the taproot of the tree. For your kingdom will be restored when you come to understand heaven's rules. Daniel 4:23 - As for the king seeing a holy sentinel coming from heaven and saying chop down the tree and destroy it but leave the taproot in the ground. With a band of iron and bronze surrounded by the field and let it become damp with the dew of the sky and let it live with the wild animals until a period of 7 years goes by.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

“So Father as we drill into the land into Your original taproot on this land, Father God, as we learn to live in Your Kingdom and by the rules of Your Kingdom and how Your Kingdom operates, Father God, we come deeper and deeper into the original taproot of this land. Father we go back into the signs, wonders and miracles that was breaking out here in the 1820’s. We go back into the healing revivals that were breaking out in this land long ago in the early 1800’s, Father in the 1700’s and even before that Father we drill deep into the taproots. But Father, we also recognize that the enemy has also laid taproots for his kingdom to operate. And Father we are not only going deep into Your original taproot of this land, Father God, we’re pulling out the enemy’s taproots as we drill deeper into the taproot that Your’s, Father God. It pulls the enemy’s taproots to be exposed. And as the sound and beat went forward Father God, as we drill deep into your taproot Father God the enemy’s taproots comes up, Father God and is seen for what it is Father. It's seen for what it is in this land and it’s recognized for belonging to the enemy, in the name of Jesus.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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