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April 18, 2021

So you’re talking about the new skin and what I see is we all have these pouches of wine skin around. It’s like we have a belt and on the belt is these wineskins, old wineskins. And on each of them has these little things like work, finances, home, relationships and families, relationships with friends, relationships with God, relationship with the church, and so what I’m seeing is there’s a window and on the window is a shelf for a new wine skin. And what I’m hearing is it’s time to take the wineskins down off of the shelf and replace those with the old wineskins that are around the belt. So that would even include rekindling or healing for relationships and families. If you think what man did last year with creation of the pandemic, an epidemic, this year wait to see what the Lord is going to do. But you’ve got to take that old wineskin off and put the new wine skin on.”


“And going off what Rahka just said I saw that some have a suit on that is old wineskin and it’s covering all of you. And it zips up the front and because the Lord says it suits you to stay where you are. But the Lord wants you to unzip that old wineskin and step out of the old and step into the new. For what He has for you will see you through. For the old is gone and it is past. Don’t worry because those things won’t last. The Lord says to step into the new and see exactly what I have for you. For it is good things, it is prosperity, it is healing, it is wealth, it is wealth. I’m seeing money coming into the hands of the saints who step out of the old and step into the new. The Lord says what you’ve been doing going around and around and around and around in cycles in the old wineskin has not worked for you. He says you’ve got to step out and step into the new. Step into the new and it’s going to overflow every part of you. It will affect your home, it will affect your land, it will affect your generations, it will affect your children and your grandchildren, and the future generations. For where the heart is, for where the heart is, for where the heart is, there is My heart. Can you hear My heartbeat beating for you. For as you press into Me and the old wine, the old wine, the wine, the wine is being poured out. It’s being poured out and as you press into Me, I’m pressing into you. For you see, I’m not going to leave you alone, says the Lord. I’m not going to leave you alone because you are Mine. You are Mine and it is Kairos time. It is time for you to step into the new and see exactly what I have in store for you, says the Lord.”


“The Lord says quit babysitting your wounds. Quit babysitting and pampering your wounds. Let them go. Let them go. You say no more, no more will I be tormented. No more will I babysit these wounds that I’ve been carrying around in the old wineskin. For I am stepping into the healing, into the deliverance, into the new wine. And as that new wine fills me, it’s going to overflow and cause a chain reaction in my home, on my land, in my family, in my finances, in my work, in my destiny says the Lord.”


I heard the Lord say that this is a new season, this is a new time. And the Natives, this generation, and the younger generations, are taking their stand and they’re taking back their land. They’re taking back everything that the enemy has stolen from them. They are coming into alignment with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And they’re saying to these death structures, these slaughter structures, the structures of death, the structures of death, they say no more. But we will live and take this tribe to the heavenlies to where God is and bring those things back to the earth. I saw the younger generation going forth with drums, the sounds in the rhythm, the frequency of the land on the reservation. And they were going down the street and I’ve seen this once before. From when we went before. When I was riding through there and I saw them again with the drum. And the sound and their frequency, the Natives, the young people are responding to the frequency of the Lord. They are responding to the sound into the rhythm of the Lord. And what I’m hearing is that the younger generation, we take our land back, we take our right standing with God back, we come into alignment with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I’m saying this death structure, this slaughter structure, that’s been over the land and over the people and it’s coming down, it’s coming down, it’s coming down in Jesus’ name. And the wealth of the land will rise and the wealth of the land will rise and not only spread upon the reservation it will spread onto Neshoba County into the state of Mississippi and across this nation. For the Lord says where you see green, you see wealth. Where you see blue, you see fire. He says I am pouring out My fire upon the Natives, the Natives to burn out those old structures to those old mindsets for they are free. They are free. They are free in Me because they are listening, they are aligning with my frequency, they are aligning with My rhythm, they are aligning with My sound.”


I heard Chuck saying this morning as we were driving over here that you have to understand the levels that Holy Spirit moves in. And He says when revelation is released you have to ask for the wisdom to use it. And so Father God we ask for the wisdom to the revelation that’s just been released. And how to apply that Father God. We ask for the wisdom, Father God of how the young people can rise up and say no to the structures. Father God give them the walking through pattern, Father God. Give them the wisdom to work it out Father God. Give them the wisdom to handle this revelation Father God that it’s a new day, it’s a new day. And that the death structures that have taken out the elders and they watch the elders be taken out, Father God, can no longer destroy them. Father God let this be the generation that defies death and lives longevity and long life, Father. We thank you Father.”

Ruth Ann McDonald

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